The privilege of being a teacher for past 46+ years has brought me more joy than I can express. A most special place in my heart is reserved for my Melody Lane Preschool Kids, whom I have taught since 1981. Their eagerness to learn, excitement at new things, emerging language and social skills are a wonder to behold. When I think of where each child began 9 months ago and watch them today, my heart wants to burst. What an incredible time of life, with so much purity, love, joy at being alive. There is nothing sweeter than seeing their faces, enjoying their hugs and watching the growth in these enchanting little ones. I have spent the last several weeks looking into their eyes and trying to capture forever these moments and the intensity of love I feel for them. Thank you parents, for trusting me and sharing these precious children.

Thank you to my extraordinary teachers for adding magic and delight into every single moment, and for showing heroic portions of love and patience. You have all been a gift, directly from heaven. Thank you ALL!

Love, Laurie

It will be a difficult year without them, but keep your eye on the blog a year from fall for more info about Melody Lane in the future.

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